drush user-login

Display a one time login link for the given user account (defaults to uid 1).

Drush Command

drush user-login


user : An optional uid, user name, or email address for the user to log in as. Default is to log in as uid 1. The uid/name/mail options take priority if specified.
path : Optional path to redirect to after logging in.


drush uli


--browser : Optional value denotes which browser to use (defaults to operating system default). Use --no-browser to suppress opening a browser.
--uid : A uid to log in as.
--redirect-port : A custom port for redirecting to (e.g. when running within a Vagrant environment)
--name : A user name to log in as.
--mail : A user mail address to log in as.


Displays and opens default web browser (if configured or detected) for a one-time login link for the user with the username ryan and redirect to the path node/add/blog.

drush user-login ryan node/add/blog
Open firefox web browser, login as the user with the e-mail address drush@example.org and redirect to the path admin/settings/performance.
drush user-login --browser=firefox --mail=drush@example.org admin/settings/performance