drush pm-download

Download projects from drupal.org or other sources.

Drush Command

drush pm-download


projects : A comma delimited list of drupal.org project names, with optional version. Defaults to 'drupal'


drush dl


--destination : [object Object]
--use-site-dir : Force to use the site specific directory. It will create the directory if it doesn't exist. If --destination is also present this option will be ignored.
--notes : Show release notes after each project is downloaded.
--variant : [object Object]
--select : Select the version to download interactively from a list of available releases.
--drupal-project-rename : Alternate name for "drupal-x.y" directory when downloading Drupal project. Defaults to "drupal".
--default-major : [object Object]
--skip : Skip automatic downloading of libraries (c.f. devel).
--pipe : Returns a list of the names of the extensions (modules and themes) contained in the downloaded projects.
--version-control=backup : [object Object]
--version-control=bzr : [object Object]
--version-control=svn : [object Object]
--cache : Cache release XML and tarballs or git clones. Git clones use git's --reference option. Defaults to 1 for downloads, and 0 for git.
--package-handler=wget : [object Object]
--package-handler=git_drupalorg : [object Object]
--source : The base URL which provides project release history in XML. Defaults to http://updates.drupal.org/release-history.
--dev : Work with development releases solely.


Download latest recommended release of Drupal core.

drush dl drupal
Download latest 7.x development version of Drupal core.
drush dl drupal-7.x
Download latest recommended release of Drupal 6.x.
drush dl drupal-6
Download latest versions of CCK and Zen projects.
drush dl cck zen
Download a specfic version of Organic groups module for my version of Drupal.
drush dl og-1.3
Download a specific development branch of diff module for a specific Drupal version.
drush dl diff-6.x-2.x
Show a list of recent releases of the views project, prompt for which one to download.
drush dl views --select
Download the latest dev release of webform.
drush dl webform --dev
Download webform. Fetch and populate the download cache as needed.
drush dl webform --cache