drush field-create

Create fields and instances. Returns urls for field editing.

Drush Command

drush field-create


bundle : Content type (for nodes). Name of bundle to attach fields to. Required.
field_spec : Comma delimited triple in the form: field_name,field_type,widget_name. If widget_name is omitted, the default widget will be used. Separate multiple fields by space. If omitted, a wizard will prompt you.



--entity_type : Type of entity (e.g. node, user, comment). Defaults to node.


Define new article fields via interactive prompts.

drush field-create article
Define new article fields and then open field edit form for refinement.
open </span>drush field-create article<span class="sb">
Create two new fields.
drush field-create article city,text,texttextfield subtitle,text,texttextfield