drush site-install

Install Drupal along with modules/themes/configuration using the specified install profile.

Drush Command

drush site-install


profile : The install profile you wish to run. Defaults to 'default' in D6, 'standard' in D7+, unless an install profile is marked as exclusive (or as a distribution in D8+ terminology) in which case that is used.
key=value... : Any additional settings you wish to pass to the profile. Fully supported on D7+, partially supported on D6 (single step configure forms only). The key is in the form [form name].[parameter name] on D7 or just [parameter name] on D6.


drush si


--db-url : [object Object]
--db-prefix : An optional table prefix to use for initial install.  Can be a key-value array of tables/prefixes in a drushrc file (not the command line).
--db-su : [object Object]
--db-su-pw : [object Object]
--account-name : uid1 name. Defaults to admin
--account-pass : uid1 pass. Defaults to a randomly generated password. If desired, set a fixed password in drushrc.php.
--account-mail : uid1 email. Defaults to admin@example.com
--locale : [object Object]
--clean-url : Defaults to clean; use --no-clean-url to disable. Note that Drupal 8 and later requires clean.
--site-name : Defaults to Site-Install
--site-mail : From: for system mailings. Defaults to admin@example.com
--sites-subdir : [object Object]
--config-dir : A path pointing to a full set of configuration which should be imported after installation.


(Re)install using the expert install profile. Set default language to Ukrainian.

drush site-install expert --locale=uk
Install using the specified DB params.
drush site-install --db-url=mysql://root:pass@localhost:port/dbname
Install using SQLite (D7+ only).
drush site-install --db-url=sqlite://sites/example.com/files/.ht.sqlite
Re-install with specified uid1 credentials.
drush site-install --account-name=joe --account-pass=mom
Pass additional arguments to the profile (D7 example shown here - for D6, omit the form id).
drush site-install standard installconfigureform.sitedefaultcountry=FR myprofileform.mysettings.key=value
Disable email notification during install and later. If your server has no smtp, this gets rid of an error during install.
drush site-install standard installconfigureform.updatestatus_module='array(FALSE,FALSE)'