drush archive-restore

Expand a site archive into a Drupal web site.

Drush Command

drush archive-restore


file : The site archive file that should be expanded.
site name : Optional. Which site within the archive you want to restore. Defaults to all.


drush arr


--destination : Specify where the Drupal site should be expanded, including the docroot. Defaults to the current working directory.
--db-prefix : An optional table prefix to use during restore.
--db-url : [object Object]
--db-su : Account to use when creating the new database. Optional.
--db-su-pw : Password for the "db-su" account. Optional.
--overwrite : Allow drush to overwrite any files in the destination. Default is --no-overwrite.
--tar-options : Options passed thru to the tar command.


Restore the files and databases for all sites in the archive.

drush archive-restore ./example.tar.gz
Restore the files and database for example.com site.
drush archive-restore ./example.tar.gz example.com
Restore archive to a custom location.
drush archive-restore ./example.tar.gz --destination=/var/www/example.com/docroot
Restore archive to a new database (and customize settings.php to point there.).
drush archive-restore ./example.tar.gz --db-url=mysql://root:pass@